nil mortalibus ardui est.
Your eyes first see a hanged body of someone very familiar above. A gaping, still-dripping hole is directly over the person's skull and head, the only way they can die. Their glasses are on the floor, broken and no longer simply hiding. The glasses reflect the eyes above of the hanged person-- purple, black, and fading bits of gold. Eyes that Elliot knows well-- the wind whispers 'You have failed to save Leo'.

As Elliot entered the room, he expected Leo to be in, since he had looked fr him all over the Nightray Estate and only this room was left. “Leo, are you he—”, He choked on the word, as he saw what awaited him inside of it. It really was Leo, indeed, he finally had found him … but …

"L-Leo … ?"

His body was limb, hanging lifeless, his violet eyes were staring at him reproachfully, as if they were screaming it’s your fault! at him and Elliot did not even feel how he started to shiver, how hefell on his knees; he was far too focused on Leo’s empty eyes, which he had loved so much. Owned by a person, who he likes so much, not only as a servant, but also as a friend.

He felt a strong pain in his chest, which made it hard to breath, to even stand living. He had failed. Not only as a master, but also as a friend.

"You idiot! How dare you to leave me alone! You can’t okay? I won’t allow this!! I’ll … never let you go!", he yelled, his voice full of regret, full of pain, as tears began to run down his cheeks.

Now … he did not even have the chance to confess his true feelings towards him anymore.

posted 2 years ago, 4 September 2012
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